What Is Interior Landscaping

What Is interior Landscaping?

There is just no arguing the fact that plants in nice decorative pots or containers can make all the difference in an otherwise drab office or domestic setting. In fact, it has been proven time and again that having some type of interior landscaping is one of the best ways to put your guests, customers or clients at ease when they enter your domain.

Interior Landscaping More To It Than Meets the Eye

However; the fact is that there is far more to it than meets they eye when it comes to interior landscaping, because after all, plants are living things and the interior of a building is as unnatural environment as you can get to keep a live plant in.

Humidity and lighting

The two biggest problems that present themselves to live plants in an interior setting is lighting and humidity. That is that air conditioning tends to dry air out and of course while there may be light inside of a room, it is either too weak or the wrong type of light.

It’s a Desert In Your Home Or Office

This is why interior landscaping tends to work best if it is located near a window and some types of plants just don’t do so well in the dry climate that an office or home presents. You see, as far as humidity is concerned, the average air conditioned interior setting basically resembles a desert climate.

How To Make It Easy On Yourself

So the best advise to anyone who is considering adding interior landscaping to their office and isn’t interested in constantly maintaining them, is to stick with succulents and cacti. It is important to be aware though that there is a wide selection of thornless cacti to choose from.

New Far More Realistic Faux Plants

One clever way to dress up a home or office with lush vegetation is to go the faux or fake plant route. Before you scoff though, you should be aware that there are fake plants now that are almost virtually indistinguishable from the genuine article, even on close examination. Also one clever trick is to mix larger, easier to maintain cacti and succulents with more expansive fake interior landscaping.

A Very Common Scenario

The common scenario is to place the live plants in larger pots and containers close to where people are more likely to have contact with them. Then, up on walls or strategically placed on shelves will sit the fake plants. People will see that the larger easier to maintain plants are real and will naturally assume that all of the other plants in the room are real also.

Forget About Hanging Ferns

Hanging ferns have got to be one of the most difficult plants to keep indoors. It’s a shame too, because a hanging fern in a room looks absolutely beautiful. The problem is that ferns are very susceptible to lighting issues and they also use a lot of water in a dry interior climate. Also watering a hanging fern is just a very wet and dirty task, as a good amount of the water that is poured into a container is going to run out the bottom.

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