Three Tips to Choose a Professional Landscaping Company in Pennsylvania

The landscaping industry is saturated with businesses, and choosing the best one can be difficult. Unfortunately, there is a large number of self-proclaimed landscapers in PA that allege they are qualified to perform landscape design and architecture; however, this is not the case. When searching for a professional landscape design company in PA, there is a number of qualities that should be apparent to determine a qualified professional. Following are 3 tips for choosing a reputable landscaping architect in PA.

Experience How long has the business been performing landscape design and architecture? Since virtually anyone can “open up shop”, it can be assumed that if a business has been operating for several years, if not decades, they may be a wise choice. With years of experience, comes a larger customer base; ask the company for references of past work to speak with some of their current customers. This does not mean that a company that has been open for a year or two is not a good choice. However, you will need to conduct further research on a younger business before choosing them.

Design vs. Building Some companies pride themselves on providing landscape design services that encompass everything, from ponds to lighting. However, these contractors are not always capable of actually building out what they have planned. When selecting a landscaping company, it can prove cost-effective to ensure the company is a “one-stop-shop”, and you do not have to recruit other professionals to complete your project. Although this scenario is uncommon, it is still important to make certain that this situation does n arise.

Credentials In addition to checking references, as mentioned previously, you will want to evaluate a company’s credentials. You can do this by reviewing a landscape company’s portfolio, checking with the Better Business Bureau and searching for online reviews. A reputable landscaping business will be glad to show you a portfolio of their previous work. In fact, if a business does not have a portfolio, this should raise a red flag. A portfolio, especially if presented professionally, speaks of the quality of work that the contractor performs as well as the pride they take in their projects.

Choosing a landscaping company in Pennsylvania can be a difficult feat, especially since the industry has a surplus of businesses. Negating self-proclaimed landscaping contractors can be overwhelming, but a little sifting and research can ultimately land you a beautiful end product from a reputable and experienced landscape design firm. From researching a company’s project history to defining what specific services they provide, this article is intended to give you some basic tips in choosing a professional, well-rounded and experienced landscaping contractor in PA.

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