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AZ Landscaping Ideas

Arizona is a dry, hot place. In the summer, temperatures are regularly over 100 degrees and can reach higher than 110. These high temperatures make AZ landscaping a very difficult thing. When people typically think of landscaping, they think of green grass, lush trees, bushes, flowers, shrubs, and other greenery. Even though this is the most common type of landscaping, there are other methods and materials that can be utilized to beautify the outdoors of a house. And in a hot climate like Arizona, a lot of greenery just is not very practical.

One way of making AZ landscaping work is to use materials and plants that require little to no water. Using rocks to decorate big patches of open land is a perfect alternative to using grass. Rocks come in many different shapes and colors, and do not require any maintenance or water. This means that you are not only conserving water, but that you also do not have to go outside in the hot summer and mow your lawn or do yard work. You can sit in your nice air conditioned house and look at your well groomed landscaping without having to maintain it yourself.

If you just cannot live without having something living in your yard, there are still a lot of options for your AZ landscaping. There are several varieties of shrubs that thrive in hot climates with little water. Your local nursery or home improvement store should have these varieties of plants. Before you buy any, make sure to look at the tag to see exactly what conditions the plant will love. If it only likes 6 hours of sun per day, try to find a spot on your property that will be accommodating to the plant. There are also many desert plants such as cactus and yucca that can be planted almost anywhere on your property. These plants naturally store water whenever is rains so that they have stores of water to draw from during dry, hot times. You have to remember that Arizona is mainly a desert, so the plants that grow there naturally will thrive on your property. These types of plants will also add to your because they will look much more natural than a pine tree would.

Trees are also great to plant in warmer climates. You want to plant in the fall because the cooler weather will help the roots grow deep for the hot summer. Tree roots go much deeper than bushes or smaller plants, so they can reach the more moist, cooler soil deep down in the ground. Trees require much less watering because their roots are so well equipped to get nutrients and water from the soil. Fruit trees grow very well in warm climates because fruit loves sun. This is not only a great way to get shade, but also a perfect way to utilize your property to grow useful plants that can feed you and your family.

Just because you live in one of the hottest climates in the United States does not mean that you cannot beautify your property with great landscaping. You just have to cater to the strengths of where you live. This means using plants that do not need very much water and materials that do not need any water. This means using colorful rocks in creative patterns and desert shrubs that conserve water efficiently. Trees are also a great way to add shade to your landscaping and if you get fruit trees, you can eat the fruit almost all year round. Just be smart, and remember that water is our greatest resource.