Planning Your Next Landscaping Project Utah Landscapers Can Help You Choose The Right Plants

Do you know what grows best in Salt Lake City’s climate? Experienced Utah landscapers can help you choose plants that are not only beautiful to display, but practical and easy to take care of. Homeowners want to beautify their homes with exotic vegetation, but some plants just don’t do well here in the Salt Lake Valley. If you’ve experienced the hot, dry summers and snow-filled winters you know why. There just doesn’t seem to be a happy medium and there’s never a consistent rainy season like that found in other parts of the country. In order to successfully execute a beautiful landscape project, you will want to take both of those facts into account when you do your planting.

There are standard elements that need to consider when planning a garden or just some household beautification. The height and width of the plants is obviously important. Form and color are also up for review. You’ll even want to be aware of what seasonal changes you may see in a plant. This is particularly important if you’re growing down in the valley as opposed to planting at a higher elevation. The rules that apply at sea level or below aren’t the same as those in the mountains. Each project and venue is different, and an experienced Utah landscaper will know what works best for your individual situation.

If you live in the flat part of Salt Lake Valley, anywhere between Ogden and Provo, including Salt Lake City and Bountiful, you’ll want to buy drought-resistant or water-wise plants and shrubbery. As green as your immediate area might be, you’re still surrounded by desert which has only been held back with careful cultivation and irrigation over the past several decades. You can’t plant just anything down in the valley. If the tree or plant is not drought resistant it will die the first time the area experiences a drought or water shortage.

If you want to plant perennials, daisies, cress, and lavender all seem to thrive in the sandy soil and rock gardens that are so common in Salt Lake City. A Salt Lake City landscaper will be able to provide you more choices, but these three categories of flower as a rule of thumb are fairly safe. Each of them requires deep watering only once every three to four weeks, so they are able to withstand drought conditions very well. Russian sage is another choice you might enjoy in this category.

If you’re planting shrubs or trees you will definitely need the help of a Salt Lake City landscaping professional to select the ones which are best suited for your property. It’s important to remember that the higher the tree or shrub grows, the wider its root system will spread. If you plant too close to a foundation, you run the risk of cracking that foundation as time goes by and the tree matures. Popular drought resistant shrubs in the Valley are Barberry, Juniper, Potentilla, and Sumac, among others. Popular trees are Hedge Maple, Homestead Elm, Honey and Purple Robe Locust, and Zelkova.

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