Landscaping Your Property With Low Voltage Light Bulbs

Low voltage light bulbs are one of the most common types of lights used in landscaping. These light bulbs are functional and versatile, and can be used in many applications both in and outdoors. If you want to use low voltage bulbs for landscaping purposes, you need to have a lighting system installed and a clear plan in mind to have an efficient outdoor lighting scheme.

Considering Placement

Low voltage light bulbs can provide safety outdoors, but remember that these lights will be a visible part of your landscaping scheme in both the day and after dark. There are many different styles of light fixtures to choose from, allowing you to choose the perfect style for each outdoor area on your property. For example, you may prefer party lights around the patio, which can light the entire area brightly, and walkway lighting around paths and walkways. The height, placement, and materials used in the fixtures are all important to achieving the style you prefer. For best results, you will want to place your fixtures about six feet apart along walkways.

When you choose low voltage light bulbs for your system, you will enjoy the benefits of a well-lit lawn while saving energy. Low voltage systems provide a softer glow than high voltage systems, and are most commonly used in residential homes. With your lighting fixtures placed correctly, you can enjoy the safety and security of an outdoor lighting system that is easy to install and maintain.

Benefits of a Low Voltage Lighting System

There are several benefits for anyone choosing a lighting system that utilizes low voltage light bulbs. The most obvious benefit is the energy savings, but you will also find that a low voltage outdoor lighting system is one of the simplest to install. Since you will be using low voltage wiring, there is no need to bury your wiring, although some homeowners choose to do so for aesthetic purposes. You will also find that, unlike high voltage lighting systems, the fixtures are easily moved if you find you want to change your lighting placement at a later date. Low voltage wiring isn’t buried, all you need to do is take the fixture out of the ground and move your wiring to the new location.

Low voltage light bulbs are also significantly smaller than other outdoor lights, making them simpler to hide within landscaping shrubbery. You may find that there are many fixtures worthy of being included in your lawn decor, however, and simply choose to include them in the overall theme of your home and garden. There are styles that are rustic, modern, and classic, giving you plenty of options for finding the style perfect for your home. Low voltage lights are also a simple do it yourself project, so there is typically no need to hire a landscaper for your project.

Planning Your Landscape Lighting

When using low voltage light bulbs for landscaping and security, planning is an important step to ensuring the right areas are lit properly. You should have a clear idea of which aspects of your property need lighting, whether for safety, security, or aesthetic purposes. For example, you may want to highlight your prized flower garden, and hide your unfinished patio. Lighting placement should be very precise when using low voltage bulbs, since the beam will highlight a specific area.

Some other considerations you will want to think about when using low voltage light bulbs in your outdoor lighting system include the following:

– How many light fixtures do you need to properly light walkways and paths? Are stairs and other tripping hazards adequately lighted with the number of fixtures you have?

– Is the lighting system installed properly? Even though low wattage light bulbs and wiring do not require a lot of energy to use, the system should be installed according to manufacturers instructions.

– Do I need a different style of light fixtures for different areas of my property? Some lights, such as spotlights, are good for highlighting a specific area, while other types are better for general lighting along walkways. Assessing your lighting needs before purchasing low voltage light bulbs and fixtures will give you the lighting you need without overspending on unnecessary fixtures.

– Is my lighting system and low voltage light bulbs producing too much, not enough, or just enough light? Underestimating the amount of light you need is just as counterproductive as installing too many lights. You should be able to see what you intend, without causing a glare or disturbing the neighbors with your lighting system.

– Is my transformer installed properly? There are several ways to adapt your 120 volt outlet to accommodate the 12 volt low voltage light bulbs used in your landscaping theme, so take your time and make sure that your transformer is installed and working properly to extend the life of your bulbs.

Using low voltage light bulbs in your landscaping theme is an excellent way to provide security, safety and beauty to your home and garden while saving energy. Your lighting system can be adjusted easily to meet your personal needs, and there are many different fixtures to choose from to increase the aesthetic appeal of your property.

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