Interior Design Painting – Painting As Simple As 1,2,3!

Don’t you wish you could wave that magic wand and have the room that you always wanted, designed and painted to perfection? The truth is that this is easier than you would ever imagine! Read this article from start to finish and you will be on your way to bringing any room to life with painting.

Interior design painting has come a long way! Decorating and painting is just part of what it takes to have the home of your dreams. With just a few tips on choosing the right color and finish coat, interior decor, decorating trends, and preparation you will have the best house around. With all of the gadgets that are on the market today you will actually be surprised at how simple it really is. There is a little something for every budget too!

Interior design painting offers numerous choices depending on the finish that you are looking to achieve. If you want to add depth and also a pattern then a faux finish might be what you want. Faux is especially perfect for those who like wallpaper but do not like putting it up or taking it down. There are many different ways to apply a faux finish and many are very cheap and simple to do. Let’s take a peek at the different kinds of faux finishes:

* Rag Rolling: Start with painted walls that have dried completely. There are special rag covers that can be purchased or you can just use one that you already have but make sure it is dry and clean. You will want to buy two glazes in different colors that compliment each other. Always have a sheet of paper handy so that after you dip the rag in the paint color you can dab any excess paint before applying. Practice makes perfect so use a piece of cardboard to rag on before you start in on the wall.

* Sponge Painting: Start with painted walls that have dried completely. Use a sea sponge for best results. Buy the color of glaze that you desire. Get the sponge wet and then wring it out completely before dipping it lightly into the glaze. Work in areas of no more than a few feet at a time, using even pressure, dab the sponge on the wall to create a unique design.

* Color Washing: Apply a base coat to the room. Sand the walls lightly just so you have something to grab the nest coat and be sure to remove any dust when you are done sanding. Use a latex paint and a glaze, mixing them in a ratio of four parts glaze to one part latex paint. Use a sponge or a cloth and basically use this mix of paint that you have created to wash your walls. Just work around in a circular motion until you get the results that you desire.

* Lime Washing: Use this technique if you want an old fashioned white chalky finish to your walls. Mix flat white latex paint with a little water, the more water you use the lighter the paint will be. Use a brush to apply and you should use an X motion when applying. Use a cheescloth to wipe away any marks that look like they were brushed on. Work in smaller sections only and then paint the room with a water based varnish.

Interior design painting not only makes any room look great it is also a lot of fun to create your own masterpiece too!

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