How to Reduce Energy Bills with Landscaping

Everyone wants to reduce their energy bills and if we can also add value to our properties at the same time, then we’ll certainly be motivated to do it. Landscaping in a way that makes full use of plants to minimize the sun’s heat in the summer and maximize it in the winter is the ideal solution.

Not only does it look fantastic, bringing greenery back to the house block, but all those living leaves help to keep the air fresh and pure which is good for our health. Planting trees, shrubs and vines on the sunny side of the house so that their shade is cast on the walls and roof – but especially the walls – will go a long way towards keeping the home cool in the summer.

In the winter, the sun is in a different position, being lower in the sky, so the shade will be thrown into a different place. But if you make sure that trees and shrubs are deciduous, then the winter shade will be minimal, letting the sun through to warm the walls of your home. The only thing you must remember is to check what kind of roots those trees have. Some roots are extremely invasive and could damage the foundations and pipes under your home. Trees with a deep taproot are the best, as the main root then goes straight down instead of wandering under the house.

Some residential estates are developed to be environmentally friendly. Look online for designed to be energy efficient – new construction sometimes have , so contact your favourite builder to find what your options are.

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