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Beauty Salon Interior Design Ideas and Advice

Each area of your beauty salon should be organized, functional and ergonomic as a benefit not only to you the owner, but for your employees and clients as well. Planning and careful consideration of the entire flow of your salon or spa will impact the experience for your clients. Remember that the quality of your beauty salon will effect the quality of your stylists, clients, and inevitably the success or failure of your business.

Salon Interior Design Tip #1: Consider Your Clientele
Is your salon strictly for “the girls” or do you cater to mens grooming needs? Do you offer couples massage? Do you invite young teens to pamper themselves? Are you a family oriented salon? The most important element to interior design of your beauty salon or spa, is to know who you will be serving and keeping your design decisions consistent.

Salon Interior Design Tip #2: Consider the Layout
According to an article published by “Entrepreneur” Magazine, the average salon space usually range from 1,200 to 2,000 square feet, although some can be considerably smaller (fewer than 1,000 square feet).

You’ll need four separate areas in your hair salon: -Reception and retail (20% floor space) -Shampoo and Drying (10% floor space) -Cutting and service (50% floor space) -Storage, break room, and the employee/client restroom (20% floor space)

Salon Interior Design Tip #3: Color Palette
Colors affect peoples moods and attitudes. Consider how you want your clients to feel when they are in your salon or spa. Your service line will influence what colors you use. If you offer spa services, consider calming colors to help your clients relax. If you are going for more of a fast paced salon, you may want to use energizing-warm tones. Dont be afraid to experiment with materials such as glass, metal, or stone to create a calming or energetic environment.

Salon Interior Design Tip #4: Lighting
The way you choose to light your facility can lead to a tranquil or an edgy atmosphere. Again, consider the image you are trying to project to your clients. Low light settings include candlelight, lamps, and accent space with track lighting or small spotlights. This creates a tranquil atmosphere. High light settings incorporate natural daylight, large lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, and open space that allows light to sweep from room to room, or through deep spaces. Your best bet would be to incorporate the two lighting styles to create a unique atmosphere with ambient and direct light.

Salon Interior Design Tip #5: Quality Salon Equipment
Today, when you walk into a modern beauty salon, you will find a wide array of unique and comfortable chairs, manicure tables, and massage equipment. This is a sign of beauty salon that cares about its clients conform and satisfaction. Not only will quality salon equipment increase your clientele, but will also enable your stylist with all the tools they need to ensure they can create a unique atmosphere and safe work environment.

The salon environment is part of the package. People will judge your salon based on how it looks, the flow of operations, and the cleanliness of the facility. If you create an appealing environment for your clients and employees, you will have greater success than if you ignore or neglect these elements.

Interior Design Ideas For Your Home Sweet Home

Do you want to do some changes on the decorations you have at home? Interior design is a control that looks after designing interiors of the space at your home. It is a good idea to gather home interior design ideas from different sources that will help you to achieve the design you want and to make something good for your plan. There are tips that will help you find interior design ideas for your home.

The library is a good place to start your search for interior design ideas at home. You can find a wide collection of books that can help you grasp the basics of interior decorating. Even if you don’t consider yourself as a creative person; there is a good possibility that you can pick up a few ideas that would be useful in evaluating various options for interior design.

The Internet is one of the excellent sources for your home design ideas. Along with images and information on mixing different colors and textures, you can find model floor plans to help you in furniture placement within the spaces of your home. An online resource is free so you can bookmark the sites that give you with the most motivation and visit them in your free time.

Asking for help from a friend is another way of collecting a few ideas. In this case, it is also important to ask help from anyone who has knowledge in putting together. Request that person to come over and evaluate the home you want to rebuild. This will let you get several ideas on what style you want to go with as well as what color combination, window treatment, and other vital aspects of the project.

Another selection is calling the service of qualified designers. The designers can evaluate many disciplines to improve the purpose, safety and aesthetics of interior spaces, speak with him about your likes and dislikes and she can give you other sets of home interior design ideas. Every set of ideas should consist of the estimation of what would be the cost for the decorator to knob all the details for you. In addition, some designers will charge a fee for the moment they’ve assessed the space and prepared the design ideas for your assessment.

If the resources are limited but you still want professional advice, re designers are still a good option. They are the decorating professional in this kind of work same as interior designers. Re designers will help you with your present property in making a new look for the room. This is instead of buying original furniture and accessories. While interior re designers will assist you in searching the house to discover additional furniture and various materials, they can definitely make your old room seem fresh and attractive.

With all these interior design ideas for your home, it’s your choice if you still want to push through with the resources that will accomplish the target you have in mind for your home.

Create The Best Bar Interior Design For You

A bar is no longer a place where people simply go to have a shot of drink. A bar, independently situated or part of a nightclub, has definitely acquired prominence in the modern age as a location where people go for letting their hair down, get pleasure from a relaxing drink or socialize with other people. The design and atmosphere of a bar has therefore become an area of focus for all bar/club proprietors and they are investing more in implementations.

Why is so essential
Every single smart bar owner knows that to pull in clients in volumes, he should offer them a unique bar environment. In other words a , he understands, can easily make or break his idea of doing prosperous business. Even before a client orders for a drink, an impression of the place is formed in his mind. The decor have to therefore be visually inspiring, evocative and refined. An environment which is intelligently and sleekly designed and at the same time lovely and well-laid out, is the best design for nightclubs or bars. Striking and useful these are the two key phrases that have to be remembered once creating the interior of the bar.
A bar advisor or a good interior designer is the very best person to help you in this and one can seek advice from both of them if want to invest the place with the right extent of style and practicality.

Bar interior design and lighting
No bar interior design can be complete with no appropriate lighting solutions. If you want your bar to introduce a special atmosphere then you simply cant settle for normal lighting fixtures and controls. Actually, the kind of lighting that you choose accounts for the mood that prevails in the bar and for the quantity of profits that you get. You definitely need to have something special there and LED lights fit the bill very well in this respect.
LED lights are not only glamorous and energetic, they are also cost-efficient, energy efficient, easy-to-install and extremely long lasting. You can mount LED lighting

Under bar stools

For liquor bottle display

For below counter lighting

At the rear of the giant lcd screen TV in the bar

In alcoves and nooks for that special mood enhancing urban glow

Pep up the bar interior design with special designs and concepts and watch the changes that it ushers through!

Modern Interior Design For Young Professionals

For young professionals who have to live amongst the hustle and bustle of the city life, they are most looking forward to a home that is worth a good respite. After the chaos of the corporate world, having the much-needed rest in a home without clutter and disorder is just what they need. A place with the right touch of the modern world they can call their own that exudes their own sense of style and their true personality. And the most common kind of interior design that young individuals opt for is the modern design.

The modern or contemporary design is all about minimalism. It uses up to the minute styles, color schemes and furniture to complete the whole look of a modern home. The usual misconception of a modern interior design is that it is limited to a blend of back and white colors, but contemporary interior design is more than the two shades. Innovations comprise the whole feature of a modern interior design. And this is what young professionals really love, unique, innovative and clutter-free, distinctive with their own personality as well.

There are so many ways to achieve a modern or contemporary look for your home. You do not have to spend a lot of money to accomplish such a design; all you need to have is a little creativity and a touch of the right imagination. You could use a glass vase, incorporate abstract paintings in the wall, use modern furniture, color the wall in lime green instead of the usual beige, and the list could go on. Browse the internet for references and get fresh ideas on how to design your modern home.

But if you really want to achieve the right contemporary look for your place of dwelling, it is best to hire the finest interior design company. They will be the one to help you achieve the kind of look you want for your abode. And after living it out in the corporate rat race every day, you deserve to go home to a place you love, a place where you can be who you really are.

Office Interior Design Themes

Coming up with the right look for your office can be a daunting task. The challenge really is in choosing for the right theme that will work best for both the employees and clients. Personal preferences are better kept at bay since the office or workspace is not just about one person but a whole team. Therefore, the staff must appreciate the right office theme along with the pleasure of the clients coming in as well.

However, choosing for the right office theme is not all about preferences but also about the company’s objective. The right interior must reflect the company’s considerations such as:

-The over-all goal of the company will be the right reflection in choosing for a good interior theme for the office space. Contemporary interior design is commonly used for offices because of the fact that it reflects the true dynamism of the company, modern and vibrant.

-The kind of industry where the business belongs to is a perfect indication to choose for the right interior design. For business that caters to clients or customers in a personal basis like sales, a homely interior will suit completely. You would want your clients coming in to feel comfortable and not intimidated, since they are the focal point of your company.

-Consider the majority of your employees. For call centers that employ a majority of young employees prefer for hip and fun interiors for the office to reflect the staff’s energy. Also, giving in to the preference of employees can boost their performances and morale that is why most companies reflect their interior design with the lifestyle of most of their staff.

Again, choosing for the right interior theme for your office can be challenging but at the same time very rewarding especially if you can truly imbibe the company’s drive, your employees’ and clients’ preferences as well as your own. It is very imperative then to hire the most efficient interior design company that understands the complexities of the whole process. They will be the one to blend harmoniously all these considerations into one working office theme, conducive for your company’s growth and prosperity eventually.

Interior Design & Layout Ideas For Your Fitness Center

If you are setting up a commercial fitness center, you are probably already aware of the challenges that come in the way. From selecting the best possible location to procuring finance, you have to cross each hurdle successfully before you can see your dream facility taking shape.

One of the most crucial aspects of is design. The design of your fitness center plays an important part in its commercial success. Not only should your facility provide a stimulating environment for physical training, but it should also adhere to all safety standards to ensure the security of your patrons.

It requires some amount of creativity and imagination to come up with the perfect interior design for fitness centers. If you are looking for ideas, here are some tips you can use for designing your fitness facility.

1. Space

Interior design and layout for gyms has to make the best use of the space available. You should avoid overcrowding your facility and maintain comfortable distance between equipment to make it appear open and airy. Having high ceilings will also give it the impression of being big and spacious.

Remember that a lot of people will be sweating it out here simultaneously and that could emanate foul odor. Keeping your facility uncluttered and well ventilated will help you maintain freshness inside.

Your shouldnt just cover the workout area, but also make provisions for showers and locker rooms inside the facility.

2. Safety

This is one of the most crucial aspects of setting up a fitness center. Its vital that the layout of your fitness facility follows safety guidelines to avoid mishaps and accidents from happening; otherwise you could find yourself in expensive lawsuits.

This means that your equipment be subjected to regular servicing and maintenance to guarantee its safety, the electrical fittings should be checked frequently to minimize the risk of short circuit, and your facility should have clearly marked fire escapes to be used in case of an emergency.

3. Equipment

How the equipment will be laid out forms an important part of the interior design for fitness centers. You should take into account the traffic pattern of your facility to decide how to position the machines.

For example, if your patrons are clearly distinguishable into weight losers and bodybuilders, you may want to group machines accordingly. So, you could put all the cardio machines together and group the strength training ones separately.

The key is to maintain adequate distance between each piece of equipment so your clients can get on and get off the machines without bumping into one another.

4. Aesthetics

Aesthetics refer to the dcor of your fitness facility. Some people may think that beautifying a place thats meant for exercise is unnecessary, but there is more to aesthetics than making a place look pretty.

Its the aesthetics of a fitness facility that make it inviting and motivate people to come there and exercise day after day through the use of proper color schemes and inspirational motifs and paintings.

You could also add a touch of cheer to your facility by decorating it with pretty flowers and potted plants.

Using carpets on the floor is another idea that gym owners can incorporate in their fitness facility design. It will not just add brightness to your gym, but also reduce the noise and damage to the floor from falling equipment.

5. Entertainment

There is a class of people who think that when you exercise, your full concentration should be on your workout and not on the television set in front of you. But there may not be too many takers for this theory because most people like some sort of entertainment while they work out.

Seldom will you find a commercial gym that does not have large screen television sets mounted on the walls or hi-fi music systems blaring away popular numbers.

So, entertainment has to be part of interior design for fitness centers. How elaborate you want the entertain system of your fitness center to be is something you have to decide.

In the end, you must keep in mind that interior designing is not the job of your architect or builder. There are people and firms who specialize in designing fitness facilities and make use of sophisticated technology to provide you with 3D designs that are as close to what your facility will look like in real as can be!

Home Interior Design Styles Wabi Sabi, Shabby Chic, And Design Psychology

Wabi Sabi, an ancient Chinese philosophy adapted by the Japanese and practiced by many Westerners today, presents an alternative way of living more than a way of decorating your home. However, you can adapt your interior and landscape design using Wabi Sabi principles for happiness.

“Wabi Sabi” (pronounced “wah-bee sah-bee”) was formalized as the Zen Buddhism tea ceremony evolved. Zen Buddhism originated in India, traveled through China in the 6th Century, and to Japan in the 12th century. The ancient wisdom of Wabi Sabi practitioners helps today’s busy home makers with interesting interior design ideas. Wabi Sabi interior design followers learn to relax, take time appreciate the beauty and simplicity of natural design, and to know that their home doesn’t need perfection to bring joy, which compares to our research findings in residential Design Psychology.

Before you relate Wabi Sabi to Shabby Chic style, understand that the Wabi Sabi way of life starts with simplicity, whereas Shabby Chic interiors often fill spaces with a lot of interesting finds, which can end up with too much to care for and eye clutter, according to Design Psychology principles. This lesson of too much design detail, which stops the eye and makes you feel overwhelmed, became apparent to us when we moved from our expansive Victorian home into a smaller house and had to choose the more important furnishings from the treasures discovered over ten years of collecting, both in antique and thrift stores.

If you want to makeover your home for joyous living, consider Wabi Sabi restraints along with Design Psychology principles:

Simplify your life and home design.
When you choose the best from your treasures, keep those accessories that support positive memories, regardless of monetary value.

Take pleasure from natural beauty.
Choose design details with colors, patterns, and textures similar to those found in nature, which feel harmonious to people because they connect us to the earth.

Appreciate your home and furnishings, no matter how imperfect.
When you love your home, this love shines throughout and makes it easier for you to clean and maintain. Your positive attitude brings you encouragement to find beauty all around, inspiring fresh ideas for home makeover projects.

Wabi Sabi beliefs include the principles of incomplete and impermanent designs, which parallel the Design Psychology principle that your home needs to grow and change, to support your changing lifestyle and emotional needs.

In contrast to Wabi Sabi’s use of modest and humble furnishings, Design Psychology appreciates the inherent beauty in all things. Enjoy the fruits of your hard work and don’t feel guilty when mixing the humble with quality showpieces. I love my Italian Millifiore glass lamps sitting next to my Mexican Rose rock.

Like any good design theory, Wabi Sabi finds beauty in the unconventional. Your originality in design makes your home unique. Design Psychology practice avoids the use of furniture “groups” and prefers unique, individual pieces offering comfort. If you were tempted by a furniture set, such as matching sofa, love seat, and the three matching tables, don’t worry; just know that additional pieces don’t need to match perfectly and that blending styles and finishes makes unconventional, unique spaces.

Design Psychology supports fearless home makeovers, bold with colors to lend emotional support yet restrained, without overly-filled rooms, to provide backgrounds for people and harmonious living.

Similar to the Wabi Sabi tea ceremony, practice daily rituals in your home. Create a home to celebrate life, one full of tranquility and beauty. Choose your home interior design style to best support your happiness.

Copyright 2006 Jeanette J. Fisher. All rights reserved.

Metal Wall Art The New Generation Of Interior Design

Metal wall art is a modern type of artwork that works well with both conventional and contemporary approaches in interior design; in fact it has somewhat created a new generation fashion statement in household beautification. They allure the eyes and make an impression wherever they are placedlike a painting that can enchant an individuals glare and catch the interest, curiosity and awe of anyone who takes a single glimpse. And because they come in a variety of kinds, these pieces of art can be placed virtually in any room.
Pieces of metal wall art are fashioned using different kinds of metal. From expensive ones such as brass and copper to the more affordable wrought iron, no matter what material they are made of these neutral artworks make excellent tools in interior decoration. Existing in diverse shapes, sizes and forms, master craftsmen spend hours welding, hammering, shaping and sculpting these sheets of metal into their respective final magnum opuses. And whatever appearance they takewhether it is square, circle, rectangle, flower patterns or decorative mirrorsthey undoubtedly leave lasting impressions of magnificence, class and splendor. These modern artworks can work well alone or in groups spaced out on the wall, and there are a number of basic techniques which can be used to maximize on their functionality and design:

Metal wall hangings can be affixed at the back of the homes entrance door to give a classical appeal while playing the useful role of a place where hats, coats and umbrellas can be hung. Metal wall grilles are known to be wonderful decorations to plain, living room walls, while metal candle sconces hung by the stairway walls can give the homes interior a semi-classic appearance. The living room can be further accentuated with an intricately designed metal wall mirror and an artificial floral display placed on a wall pocket. The mirror itself will create a brighter, livelier living room by reflecting light and the flowers will add a touch of life and vivacity. As for a bedrooms interior, if a rustic, traditional appeal is preferred a metal wall quilt rack can be quite a charming design to behold. It can be adorned by old, heirloom quilts along with other distinctive antique trinkets. The bathroom can have its fair share of metal art in the form of a iron paper towel holder. The market is full of wonderfully designed metal wall hangings and is sure to never run out of designs to offer.
Whatever kind of appeal one would want for his or her homemay it be rustic, traditional or modernmetal wall art would exhibit excellent blending capabilities. It is a 21st century innovation in art and interior design, and despite its modern nature it works well with all motifs from classical to modern. The most effective technique to use is to place them on white or plain areas, and in doing so they would create a lasting impression by naturally drawing in attention and becoming a rooms main point of attraction.

The Purpose And Job Of An Interior Designer

It’s a profession by virtue of that the Interior Designer with the help of creativity and techniques improves the quality of culture and life of the clients. These solutions are created and coordinated with regulatory needs and code to achieve the purpose.

Interior designer is someone who with the assistance of his specific arrangements of furniture decorative articles lightening effects and color schemes decorates a house to look more engaging and different. He designs every area of the house according to the style of the client for example decoration of the children room and the main bedroom is completely different.

will make an old looking house alive by his ideas of home interior design, whereas designing a house he thinks regarding many things like house planning, lighting, flooring, colour scheme etc. 1st the designer decides the category of interior design like formal, modern, casual, ethnic etc then in step with the available space and demand of the client, the designer makes a rough sketch of the house and according to the budget and the category the designer makes a basic design then with the help of lightening effects gives a decorative touch to the house and by using decorative articles improves the wonder of the house. The visual color effects also play a necessary role in it. In line with the different categories interior designer designs the house as following:

Formal home interior design: In this category reference of period homes will be given, the house is designed in the manner so that it offers a very spacious look and is very comfy, large windows are designed and mirrors are used in this type of house. Sitting arrangement is also done in lines keeping symmetry in mind, wall papers and cloths are used on the walls, rich and opulent materials are used for bedspreads, couches, window, pillows, cushions etc.

Modern home interior design: It’s neutral colors are used and the fashion which is currently in trend. Geometrical shapes and linear patterns keeping black as primary colour are used. Vibrant colors like red orange etc are utilized in contrast with the scheme. Furniture utilized in this category is created from leather or swish material metallic lightening effect gives a totally different look and is the special characteristic of modern home interior designing.

Casual home interior design: This kind of home interior design wants very less maintenance and is very fascinating, good for family members in job. There is no symmetry within the shapes of furniture and the arrangement. Wooden flooring is generally used; lightening fixture might be of steel, glass and iron. Soft and textured fabrics are used. Overall look is good, straightforward & attractive.

Ethnic home interior design: This is often essentially royal home interior design, combination of ancient, distinctive, expensive decorative articles with the distinctive texture making grand look. Colors like golden, burgundy, copper and rich textured materials are used in curtains, pillows, cushions etc. Ethnic and carved furniture are used that provides sophistication and trend. Fire places are with an antique end and therefore the house appears as a small palace.

Interior design ideas Books and Photos

If you’ve been looking at design magazines or even just out and about at the local furniture shops then you’ve probably seen these decorative vintage inspired books laying around. We have some interior design ideas for you, to help you beautify your space and turn your house into something unique.

Well at The Design House we needed a few items to add some charm to a few rooms we were doing a photo shoot for and we got a little “creative bug” itch and decided to make some of our own to have on hand for accessories installs. They are simple and add texture and just that extra touch to the space.

Here is a little how-to to make these fun books yourself!

1. Get some old books! Look around your house or second-hand stores to find some fun old books. Remember for this project do not judge a book by it’s cover, we’re tearing it off anyway – look for different sizes, text styles, and colored pages.
2. Rip off the cover on the book exposing the glued binding. From this point you can rip your book into smaller sections like we did, or leave it as a whole unbound book. Totally up to you, we like both looks!
3. Stack your books to the size you want and wrap in twine.
4. Voila! You are done! And you have a fun new accessory! We used a couple of our books at a clients house, to stage for a photo shoot we were doing and it turned out great!

Another great idea to decorate your interior space is to create a photo collage on your wall. If you were thinking about it but you keep delaying it because you are not quite sure how to do it, here’s a quick how-to to help you create you collage without poking a bunch of “trial & error” holes in your wall.

But first a few pointers for creating a photo collage.

Have a common theme, whether it is the style of frame, the object in the photographs, or the color of the photographs something needs to be cohesive. Also, make sure you have a good variety of sizes and in some cases shapes as well, this adds interest and having smaller frames help fill in the gaps. Another tip is to wait to select photos, if possible, until after the collage is arranged; this way you aren’t limited to which way the frames have to go.

Here is your collage how-to! We have tested this method first hand for a client so it will work for you to! This is how we put a picture collage in her hallway…

1st – Get some butcher paper or packing paper and cut it to the size of space
you will need. Ours is the length of the hallway.
2nd – Gather your frames and start arranging them until you find the layout you like best!
3rd – Trace the frames on the paper
4th – Find a way to label which way your frames go. We numbered each frame and wrote the coordinating number on the paper
5th – Measure and mark on the paper where each nail hole is supposed to go. Take your time on this one so that your beautiful arrangement looks perfect!
6th – Tape your paper onto the wall making sure it is straight. To do this measure from the ceiling to the top of the paper on both ends and adjust as needed. You want the majority of the images to be around eye level while being cautious to not hang pictures to low.

What do you think about our interior design ideas? If you too have an interior design idea, but you don’t know for sure how it will turn out or what exactly you need to do don’t hesitate to contact us and we can make your dreams come true.