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Landscaping Tools A Checklist

In gardening as in every other hobby, there are specific tools for specific purposes. Here we present a checklist of the tools you’ll need for your landscaping projects.

When winter slowly melts away and the first green buds of spring start to appear, everyone with a green thumb cheers. Time to break out the tools and head out into the yards for some good, hard work among the gardens. Perhaps a new design for a flower bed will be tried out, or perhaps the old designs will simply be lovingly gone over and prepared for summer. Either way, it’s time to take stock of your tools and make sure you’re ready for the season ahead.

If you’ve got enough room in your garage or potting shed to hang up all your small tools on peg-board, that is the ideal solution to both the storage and care problem. If metal tools are jumbled about on a cold concrete floor, they quite quickly develop rust, get mislaid, or might even get stepped on by a careless foot.

If you’re a long time gardener, you’ve probably got all the tools you need already, so it’s just a question of examining each one and ensuring that it is still in working order, to see if any blades need sharpening or handles need repairing. If you purchased high quality tools to begin with chances are the only thing that needs doing is sharpening blades. You can do this yourself with the proper tools, and as long as you exercise the proper care around sharp objects!

If you’re just starting your gardening career, then you need to stock up on the appropriate tools. You’ll have a choice between purchasing inexpensive tools – which are generally of low quality – or expensive tools – which are generally of high quality. Of course these days expense is relative, what with the improvements in manufacturing techniques, not to mention the place where the tools were manufactured, and you should be able to get good quality tools for not very much money.

It’s just a question of how many tools you want to buy. The best thing to do is start out with just the bare minimum, then, as you work in your garden and decide you love it, you can return to the store for more tools – for there is a specialty tool for every purpose – and buy more.

Depending on the size of your lawn, there’s no need to buy huge pieces of equipment such as garden rollers or roto-tillers. Those you can rent from your local garden or hardware store. A lawnmower is generally the only big piece of equipment you’ll need.

Small tools

If you’ve got flower beds, you’ll need a hand fork, and perhaps even a cultivator. These are small hand tools with three prongs so that you can get in amongst the flowers and weed out the unwanted grasses. Indeed, you can purchase forks in a set: cultivator, hand fork, trowel, and weeding fork.

Garden hoses
How long of a hose do you need? Well, that depends on the size of your lawn. Do you have a water hookup in both front and back, or just on the side of the house?

Regardless of how long your hose is, storage always seems to be a problem because if you just curl the thing up and toss it into the corner of the garage, it has a habit of uncurling. If you leave it lying about any old way on your lawn, it kills the grass beneath. The solution is a rack or wheel onto which you can roll the hose, and then unroll it when needed. For such a tool – you should get the best possible, something that you can mount on the house. Wheels that sit on the floor have a habit of tilting on you when you’re trying to reel in the hose, and just get frustrating.

You perhaps don’t think of gloves as a ‘tool,’ but they are – designed to prevent blisters on your hands, or cuts from rose bushes, or the like. Many people like to stick their hands in the dirt – that’s the joy of gardening! – but such activities are very hard on your nails, and on your skin, and a good pair of gloves will save you from a lot of problems in future.

Hand shears/clippers
If you’ve got bushes or shrubs in your yard, a pair of hand shears or hedge clippers is a much. At the very least you’ll want to clip off any inconvenient twigs that reach out and snag your clothing as you walk past, but you can also use the shears to shape and beautify the greenery.

If you’ve got trees with overhanging branches, than lopping shears might become necessary. Because they’ve got very long handles they allow you to get a lot of leverage in cutting off branches, and any dead branches on your tree should be cut off.

Should you get a cheap rake with plastic teeth…or should you get a rake with metal teeth. Frankly, one metal rake will last as long as two or three plastic ones, so your much better just getting the metal rake to begin with. Even if you don’t have trees that drop their leaves in the fall, a rake is always handy to smooth dirt, or remove thatch from your lawn.

Shovels are used for shifting snow, spades are used for shifting dirt in a garden. There are a wide variety of spades on the market, each to be used for a different purpose. Spades with a pointed blade are used to dig up clumps of earth, while the spade with a square blade is used for removing that dirt. When purchasing spades, make sure you get ones with a handle suited to your height.

If you’ve got room to store a wheelbarrow, and if you’re going to be adding or moving dirt or plants or other material, then this tool will certainly come in handy. But if you simply need to maintain your lawns, you probably won’t need a wheelbarrow at all.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas — A Guide To Evergreen Trees And Shrubs

Evergreen trees and shrubs are generally more expensive than their counterparts, although many feel that they are well worth the extra expense not only for their year-round beauty, but also their reliability and longevity. Evergreens can range all the way from broadleaved shrubs like rhododendron to the tall pines and spruces that many people think of as simply “evergreens”.

Perhaps the most common of evergreen trees is the pine. It’s noted for its long, soft needles and its rapid growth. In fact, they often attain 60 to 80 ft. maturity very quickly.Red pine is popular as well and useful for creating textured backgrounds and windbreaks. The Ponderosa pine is a more compact tree that is often used for wind protection and ornamental purposes. The Austrian or black pine, with its spreading branches is very commonly used in the Midwest.

Perhaps the most widely planted evergreen that is used for a windbreak is the Norway spruce tree. It grows very fast, it’s very hardy, has short dark green needles, and is shaped like a pyramid. The Black Hills spruce tree is also very tough and resistant to drought. It grows much slower than the Norway spruce but can still achieve a height of 40 ft. in time.

White spruce on the other hand, can mature close to 60 to 70 ft. in height and is often used in landscaping designs. Colorado blue spruce is generally hardy, however it does suffer some in extreme heat and drought conditions.

Red Cedar is perhaps the most popular of the evergreen Cedar trees. It’s often used as an ornamental tree for both hedges and windbreaks. It tends to be very tough and hardy, and takes winter very well.

Perhaps the best overall Evergreen tree for windbreaks and screening is the Douglas fir tree. It’s hardy and drought resistant, grows fast, has a pyramid shape, and looks great in most landscape designs. The Balsam fir, which is also known as the Christmas tree, is well-known for its fragrance and unique appearance. On the other hand, the white fir tree has an attractive silver color instead.

The Juniper family of Evergreen trees is often used in planting, with the tall types such as the upright Juniper being used as a textured background, and the spreading types like the Pfitzer juniper being used for groundcover and edgings.

Yew, has thick glossy needles and upward reaching branches, and can be used as both a shrub and a tree. In fact, they can even grow well in sun and shade, making it one of the most versatile evergreens.

Evergreens as a whole can be adversely affected by hot, dry weather conditions and need to be watered every couple of weeks or so at this time. Be sure to water it enough so that the moisture will reach deep into the ground at least 6 in. or so. Applying a layer of mulch in dry weather can also help protect against moisture loss during this period.

It’s a good idea to prune evergreens in the late spring just before the new buds appear. And in the late fall give them a good deep watering to help prevent the branches drying out and cracking under the weight of snow or the force of wind during the winter.

As you can see, there are a lot of varieties of evergreen trees that accomplish many different tasks in a home landscaping design. Hopefully this article will help you choose the one that will work best for your home and help you care for it properly too.

Herb Garden Kits – A ”out Of The Box Simple Gardening Experience

I can remember at being very excited about a new project I was starting. At first I had already foreseen a long stimulating future at enjoying this hobby. I bought all what deemed to me as necessary to start digging in this new adventure. Unfortunately after a while I slowly varied my activities, the latter ending up occupying more and more of my time than my beloved pastime until I went on to new points of interest . A lot of the material is still in the garage, certain items still in their unopened packaging.

The same can be applied to gardening, especially if it is a new found interest or a lack of experience. It could be wise to begin this hobby with a miniature version and give you the opportunity to test how much you enjoy this activity and how well it may blend in your day-to-day routine.

Happily herb garden kits are a simple solution to get you up and running in a very short time and let you set the limits to how much time and efforts you are willing to devote yourself to this past time. Here are some instances when these ”kits” comes in handy.

People are busy rushing from home to their jobs and everything in between. It is a great idea to cultivate herbs for whatever reason it is appealing to you and it is also fairly simple. How much time do you have to keep you herbs happy and healthy. Any herb that you plant has to be tended to, from beginning to end including harvesting. Does your time frame permit outdoor gardening or will it be more convenient and time saving if you choose the indoors gardening option?

Another factor that can greatly influence your choice is space. City dwellers might not have a large space for gardening and are often limited to the confines of a small apartment, or perhaps outside temperatures would not be very friendly to the young plants. A small kit can be composed of a set of 3-4 plants of different herbs that can set on that sunny windowsill in the kitchen. You will find one plant of an herb is enough to fulfill the need. Know your herbs and how to tend to them because some plants can start spreading from a single sprout when out of control.

Herb garden kits comes complete with everything you need except for the water and sunshine. Some kits might even contain grow lights that control photosynthesis. You can even get a kit with plants that grows submerged in water, this solution even eliminate the possibility of dirt spilling and creating a mess in your home.
All kits include step-by-step instructions on how to set-up everything, how to plant and care of the herbs, harvesting, characteristics of each individual plants and tips for best results.

Another pleasant aspect of buying a kit is that there is a tremendous amount of variation offered. You need to choose which category of herbs you plan on growing. Will the harvested leaves be used for culinary reason or, perhaps, you tend more towards medicinal herbs?

The quantity that you will need depends largely on the usage you are aiming for. Remember that with herbs 1 plant will go a long way.

Prices is also a factor but it should not be exclusive. Seed-based kits are less expensive than the sprout version but can be a bit more time consuming and even fragile. Also some herbs can be quite a challenge to a beginner when started from seeds.

Overall, available space and the time you can devote to its care are deciding factor for a kit that is best for you. A small kit containing 4-5 herbs that can grow on your windowsill and may require only simple occasional watering. A large kit offers all that you need to cultivate a 10×10 feet garden.

Take the time you need to plan your garden whatever the size, you will be happy that you did later. List the herbs that you wish to grow and visit a few places to compare prices and options that may suit you best. There is a herb garden kit waiting for you that thoroughly meet your need.

Landscaping In Pismo Beach

Low maintenance landscaping in Pismo Beach

If you have growing interest in Pismo Beach landscaping, a big question is what plants you will be able to grow. If you choose plants that are used to the Pismo Beach climate and other variables, you will find that your garden or yard will be much easier to take care of throughout time. This will especially become important later on after the honeymoon period with Pismo Beach landscaping is over and you are less enthusiastic about Yard maintenance in Pismo Beach. Do not get discouraged though, its normal to begin viewing yard work as more of a chore rather than a hobby. To prevent such negative feelings against your Pismo Beach landscape design, look for landscaping in Pismo Beach that is low maintenance or hire Pismo Beach landscapers to maintain your yard.
When you are landscaping in Pismo Beach, the weather needs to be taken into consideration at all times. Your Landscaping Company in Pismo Beach will most likely have a good amount of useful ideas and tips as to how to go about with your Pismo Beach Landscape design. A Landscaping Company in Pismo Beach tends to be very cooperative and helpful. Pismo beach Landscapers want you and your family to be able to be proud of your home and feel comfortable living in it.

If you are having a difficult time deciding what plants you want to use, take a look around you. The Pismo Beach Landscape design that your neighbors have may inspire you with your lawn. Which ones do you like and which ones bother you? . Talk to a Landscaping Company in Pismo Beach about what plants will be best for your yard. Do not try to skip on the details with your landscaping in Pismo Beach because in the end , the cheaper aspects of your yard will stick out and seem unsightly and you will have cheated yourself out of a beautiful yard. Put a lot of planning in to which plants you want in your yard. Make sure you tell your Landscaping Company in Pismo Beach what you are looking for and if your yard has any specific needs or restrictions before you begin planting. Show your Landscaping Company in Pismo Beach what you choose and what you are interested in seeing in your own landscaping in Pismo Beach. Just make sure that you see a picture of any plant before you agree to use it. Many people assume that they will be ok with whichever plants their Pismo beach landscapers choose and end up growing something that they did not expect. Everyones tastes are different and yours may be completely different from a Landscaping Company in Pismo Beach.

Talk with Pismo Beach Landscapers about which plants will be the easiest to maintain, but keep in mind that all plants and landscaping in Pismo Beach require at least a little bit of weekly maintenance. If you are really interested in a specific plant or a certain Pismo Beach landscape design that is fairly maintenance heavy, talk to your Pismo Beach landscapers about any yard maintenance packages they may offer. You shouldnt have to skimp on your Pismo Beach Landscape design because you do not have the time to do any tree trimming.

How Designers Maximise Their Interior Landscaping Options To Ensure Maximum Effects

Taking a stereotypical office and turning it into a place that inspires staff and enhances the commercial activities inside, requires more than just a few potted pansies on a window sill. In fact, there is a lot more to interior landscaping than just plants and bowls. For designers with ambitious concepts to bring to life, a variety of other options are also used. However, while many office managers may expect a few nice pictures to complement the potted shrubs against the wall, the art of landscaping is much more precise and far less obvious. In fact, while the choice of office plant is certainly a key component in an overall concept, the best interior designers also turn to scenting the air and choosing specific art work to hang on the walls. Of these additional aspects, art is arguably the most expected. After all, for anyone who has waited in the reception area of a successful company, art is generally used to impress. It may be something as basic as a floral oil painting on canvas, or as elaborate as a piece of contemporary sculpture, but it can leave a definite impression in ones mind, convincing us that the company is modern and cutting edge, or perhaps traditional and accomplished. The range of art that can be used as part of a landscaping concept is extensive, with limitations set only by the area available to fill and the preferences of the company in question. For example, a giant sculpture is hardly going to fit in a sixth floor office reception area, while an abstract painting is perhaps not the best choice to hang on the wall of the offices of an international toy company. It is more likely that a small table sculpture and a child related photographic theme, respectively, would be more suitable. In fact, custom photography is one of the most popular options, with the designer able to have exactly the snaps he or she wishes to complement the concept. Also popular is branded photography and branded art, which uses the company logo or name as its theme. The image may be exaggerated in size, be seen from an unusual perspective or may be represented in such artistic styles as cubism, impressionism or abstract. It may even be presented in a clever, creative way within the landscape, or cityscape form. Of course, corporate identity is all important and art can make a valuable statement in that regard. Some companies may feature art work by an artist of their home country, such as a Dutch firm featuring work by van Gough, or a US firm having a painting by Andy Warhol. Meanwhile, local art work can show an affinity with community values. It is a somewhat similar case with regards the plants that are chosen too, with identity and image key factors. For instance, the national flower of the country of a particular company may feature prominently in table arrangements, such as the orchid for a company from the Philippines. The idea, of course, is not to make a nationalistic declaration, but instead indicate a pride in origin, similar to ones pride in family. This attribute is admirable and, therefore, cannot help but to make a positive impression. Easily, the least obvious aspect that interior designers make use of is fragrance. It may seem a little unlikely but, in fact, the air is one of the most effective sensory marketing techniques around. It is not designed simply to make an office, or even shop, smell nice but is strategically developed to invoke a certain response based on a particular association. For example, if we smell freshly baked bread, we automatically relate that with home, a fact that many estate agents are willing to make the most of when trying to sell a house. The same works for the office, with scents released into the air via discreetly positioned pre programmed scenting dispensers, so that prospective clients will have a pleasant association with that office in the future, or shops, where customers are enticed into the premises by a smell. Between the use of art work, the purposeful selection of an and the willful addition of pleasing scents into the office air, it is clear that is significantly more than just potted plants and open windows.

Landscapers Adelaide, Landscaping Adelaide, Paving Adelaide

Landscape Inspiration in Adelaide is a renowned company specialized in landscaping and paving services. Our landscapers are working in this institution for many years and have gathered good knowledge in paving and landscaping services so that our entire Adelaide customer can get a permanent solution in landscaping and paving services. Our landscapers offer residential landscaping, commercial landscaping, and landscaping in other areas like schools, hospitals etc. Not only this landscapers are specialized in residential paving, commercial paving.

Our landscapers believe that planning & preparation are two major components in landscaping. In Adelaide the landscapers are very particular in landscaping issue and for this they believe technical, structural & all other related information should be gathered & assessed before each job is started so that know that the landscaping is done step-by-step & with work site control. Our landscapers have a large variety of equipment, allowing the landscapers to complete any landscaping services in Adelaide very easily.

Our machinery that is used by our landscapers is accurate and will not damage your property. For landscapers Softscaping is one of the main passions. Creating long lasting, low maintenance landscaping environment compliment the architecture of all the homes in Adelaide. The landscaping service includes combining plant shapes, colors, textures, to create a natural landscaping area. Our landscapers use mulch, plants, stone, irrigation, lighting materials, and soil amendments in landscaping.
Landscaping can provide complete site work by landscapers – including draining systems, in-ground sprinkler systems, and all types of stone masonry work, paving, patios and ponds.

On the other side of landscaping service paving act as an important criteria. In paving there are many factors that influence the paving process, including the types of pavers used, and the way the pavers are laid. Our Adelaide landscapers are efficient in doing paving works. In paving Landscape Inspiration has varied options to provide like our landscapers are specialist in crazy paving and brick paving, and all paving works are done on concrete slab to insure that there will be no future slumping, peddling or cracking in the areas. Paving is required to replace old paving, paving around the pool area etc for Adelaide residents.

Landscape Inspiration offers some modern paving styles for Adelaide customer”s like Basket weave paving, Stretcher-bond paving, Herringbone paving. Once our landscapers have chosen the paving pattern, it”s time to decide on a type of paver to go with it. There are a variety of shapes, colours and sizes available in paving materials such as: Terracotta, Sandstone, Granite, Brick, Limestone, Concrete, Cobblestone, Slate, Clay and Rubber. Adelaide customers opt for pool paving, patio paving, courtyard paving, brick paving and all aspects of landscaping paving that is an attractive, durable option and with low maintenance and cost effective. All paving and landscaping done by our professional is capable of withstanding the harsh affects of the Australian climate.

Swimming pool garden landscaping

A backyard recreation area can be made more enjoyable with a functional and attractive design. With the right design around the pool area, the space can be made to feel more like an oasis or relaxing retreat. Pool landscaping pictures can help you determine what features will work best for your situation, to transform the area into the oasis you always dreamed of.

Design Ideas for Above Ground Pools

The standing walls can create challenges in coming up with above ground pool . This is where a bit of creativity can help. A privacy fence is often installed for safety purposes. At the same time, an attractive fence can add some texture and color to the space. Typical wood can be stained or painted. Adding a hanging waterfall, creeping vines, or planter boxes to the above ground pool, can give the space a more natural feel.

To keep water from splashing out of the pool to a minimum, add some planting beds with mulch and easy-to-care-for shrubs of an interesting color. For privacy, a raised deck with latticework can provide a relaxing space for patio furniture or chaise lounge chairs. The lattice can be used for growing creeping vines or hanging baskets of perennials. This can give the space more of an island feel.

Design Suggestions for Inground Pools

There are many different inground . Some attractiveness can be added by using a combination of shrubs, flowers, stones, and fountains. A creative look with plenty of natural features can help the space feel more like a resort. Also, it can make the backyard more inviting and have more people over your house for parties.

An inground pool provides a place to relax and unwind, so the area should feel comfortable. Make sure to be creative with the designs on the concrete surrounding the pool’s edge, along with a patio area. Create a special place for enjoying the sun or sipping on cool drinks. Inground can include a soothing waterfall and rock feature spilling directly into the pool can give it a spa-like feel.


There are many approaches to pool landscaping projects. Much of the decision will depend on how the area is used and what homeowners want in a backyard recreation or relaxation area around the pool. If space is limited, the homeowner may need to be more creative in designing a backyard oasis. However, browsing through several photos on landscaping and backyard design websites can be quite helpful.

Home repair and landscaping made easy and affordable

All of us want that perfect looking home. However, not all of us are lucky to have acres of space where anything can be done. However, with professional contractors on hire, a home and its fenced area, no matter how big it is, can be made to look superb. With state of the art home repair and landscaping, our home can truly become our neighbors’ envy.

What are all the elements that are part of home repair? You will perhaps look at the painting done. You may also want new flooring done to match the new coat of paint. And why not do the roofing and siding while all this has been happening? And you may also want to gutters to look better to give your home that completely new look.

As far as landscaping is concerned there are many things that can be done. You may want to have new fences put up or the existing ones coated with new paint. Pools, decks and porches can also be given that new look. And if you have a lawn you would want it to look maintained. The same professionals who will do your entire home can be entrusted with the job of lawn maintenance and lawn care. If you are looking for yard care you can ask these same people.

Now all this may seem overwhelming. There are people that do all home repair and landscaping on their own. Imagine the time and effort they would be putting in to get all this done. And if that person is a working professional they would probably only have the weekends to do all these jobs. But this will take months to finish. Imagine how your home would look through the week if you, during the weekend, could only manage to paint half of the fencing. But if you hire a professional service provider then all this can be done within a couple of days.

The challenge lies in finding a professional service provider for home repair and landscaping. You may need to look through the newspaper ads or search online. How would you prefer if someone gave you a list of contractors that can do all these jobs?

The way this works is amazing. There are websites where you can submit your requirement and they will supply you with a list of professionals that can do great home repair and landscaping. You visit one such website, upload your requirement and then get all the details through email. The email will contain a list of contractors near you and their quotes. Once you are happy with one of them, you will need to click a link and then sit back while they get in touch with you.

Don’t take up the challenge of doing home repair and landscaping on your own. The challenge could be a little too overwhelming. Opt for professionals that can do the job within your budget and in no time compared to what you will take. You will be thrilled with the outcome.

Give your home that perfect look with professional and services.

Top Techniques and Advice for Authors – Writing a Killer Gardening Book

The magnificence of gardening is that it is so diverse. Recently it has become fashionable for guerrilla and organic gardening (with the aim of self sufficiency). However, trends are ever changing and ideas are always morphing which makes a gardening book very much in danger of being outdated as soon as it hits the shelves.

So what can make a good gardening book? Perhaps by considering aspects of gardening as separate factions rather than lumping them together as one topic. A book trying to cater for all forms of gardening would be a foreboding and impractical tome!

Landscaping is almost considered an art form. A book with clear diagrams and inspiring pictures as well as the technical knowledge of how to build and landscape a garden would be the most appropriate type of book for this. Yet landscaping is based on ideas and innovation and this is ever changing. Surely the internet and other forms of media would facilitate this form of gardening much more effectively than a book?

Over the last decade it has become fashionable again to become self sufficient. The idea of growing your own vegetables and having an allotment has connotations of an organic lifestyle that is beyond our materialistic standard of living. The techniques of simple, practical gardening are ageless and therefore they are perfect content for a book. There is a trend for gardening books combined with recipe books which show you how to grow your own food and cook it. The vivid images and practical advice in these books make them a seducing read.

Some of the most successful gardening books are those which consider gardening seasonally. The winter garden is far removed from summer blooms and books which acknowledge this tend to succeed. What makes up a good gardening book is completely subjective. The tangibility of a book creates inspiration in itself but some forms of gardening are only suited to the internet. Although some planting techniques are timeless, the excitement of movements such as guerrilla gardening can be facilitated by a blog and photos with regular updates.

When you think your gardening article or manuscript is ready for the publisher, send it to Words Worth Reading Ltd for – make every word count! Keep it off the slush pile with a .

River Rock Landscaping Ideas

Your backyard has been the same for years, and you’ve decided to give it a new look. You’ve chosen to put in a modestly-sized brook, and to give it the most natural appearance you can, will be finishing it with river rock landscaping. Because you are new to river rock landscaping, however, you’ll need some suggestions which can be quickly and easily implemented.

Rustic Feel

Using river rocks when landscaping is no different from using ocean rocks; they are both popular among those who want to give their landscaping a rustic natural appearance. River rocks are very effective when used to border manmade brooks; but they have to wait until the brooks have been built.

Brook Basics

Brook installation goes far beyond digging a backyard trench and adding water. It includes installing a water circulation system; otherwise the water will stagnate, becoming a breeding ground for insects, algae, and other health hazards hazard. To make sure its water circulates properly, you really need to have a professional install your backyard brook.

You also need to consider the depth of your brook, especially if your have small children. And check your local zoning laws; many communities have strict rules about fencing around water.

Once your brook’s water is flowing freely, it’s time to devise a plan for your river rock landscaping. You can place the rocks in the brook’s channel to give it a more natural look, or you can arrange them along the edges of the brook.

If you decide to place them along the edges, you can substitute faux river rocks for the real thing; they are more readily available, but your river rock landscaping may not look entirely natural. For more info see on Landscaping.

Consider the Environment

While you may be thinking that river rocks are as near as the closest natural stream or river, you may be prohibited from gathering them because of environmental restrictions. Too many rivers and stream ecosystems are already in fragile condition; having people remove the rocks which offer protection for the wildlife that inhabits them will only make matters worse.

Your best bet for getting river rocks that you can be sure were not taken from environmentally threatened areas is to get them at your local garden supply store.

If your garden store doesn’t carry them, do an Internet search on river rock landscaping and you’ll find many websites with ideas on where to find them. By bookmarking the best ideas, you can compile enough research that you’ll be able to locate plenty of rocks to complete your river rock landscaping in style!