Calling A Bathroom Renovator To Add Safety Features

When someone has a family member in their home with a physical handicap that makes it difficult for them to walk, there will be a need to consider changing rooms in the home to make it easier for them to get around. The bathroom is a room in a home where slip and fall accidents are likely to occur because of the increased moisture in the area. There are several steps a homeowner can take to make a bathroom handicap-friendly. Here are some ideas to consider.

Add Rails To The Walls For Stability

Handrails can be added to the walls in the bathroom to help the person get around without fear of falling. These should be installed around the toilet, near the shower or bathtub, as well as next to the sink. Ask the handicapped person to assist with the proper placement of the rails so they are put in a spot where the person feels comfortable holding them. These should be a contrasting color from walls so they are easily seen.

Swap The Tub For A Walk-In Feature

A walk-in bathtub is a great addition to a bathroom when someone with a physical handicap will be utilizing it. This will allow for the person to swing open the door to get inside instead of having to lift their legs to do so. A walk-in tub will have a seating area with an easy-to-access hand held shower attachment for easy bathing.

Use Adequate Lighting And Remove Rugs

A bathroom should have plenty of lighting for all who use it. If a bathroom is not lit up enough, someone with a handicap may find themselves struggling to gain their footing as easily. Placing lights at floor level can be beneficial as the person will be able to access them by pushing them with a wheelchair or walker if necessary. It is also important to remove rugs from bathroom floors so sliding does not occur.

When a homeowner wishes to hire a bathroom renovator to help with the designing of an area that will accommodate their handicapped family member, it will necessary to find one with a professional reputation. Ask to see sample room plans or make an appointment for a consultation with a designer today to get started.