Basic Interior Design Ideas And Concepts

Even before you decide on the style and theme of the interior dcor of your home, it is important that you are aware of the different types of designs and concepts. In fact, these designs and concepts form the basic structure for everything including choice of colors and furniture. Here are some of the basic interior design concepts and ideas;
a)Classic Style: This style is a throwback to the old fashioned style of yore where attention is paid to detail. This is especially found in furniture, lighting, etc. Floral elements, carved details or scenes of legendary events are represented in the furniture, fixtures, paintings and other elements.
b)Contemporary Style: This is a modern style, but maintains its relations with the relaxed style of yore through the use of balanced colors, solid wood doors, etc. But the resemblance ends there! The contemporary style makes use of polished upholstery usually made from leather, minimal use of floral cuts on curtains, etc. All of these give it a more modern and stylish look.
c)Modern, yet minimalist look: The current trend is to use this style. The design is deliberately kept simple, yet extremely functional. Furniture usually follows a geometric pattern or shape; it could be square or rectangular with a clean background. Although the design is simple, it is shaped with utmost accuracy.
d)Rustic: This style is typical of vacation homes or homes in rural settings. Theres not much detailing in such homes, except for the furniture and lightning which make use of natural elements.
e)The Retro style: This is the style that dominated in the 60s and 70s and is now making a comeback. Polka dots, mixed patterns, geometric shapes are the style elements that rule this era.
f)Crazy, funky and hi-tech- This is yet another modern version thats innovative and detailed, but appear funky and crazy. The emphasis is on the structure of the furniture and everything including screws, rivets, rough finishes, etc. is specific to the style. As they say, theres madness everywhere, but theres method to the madness.
It is not just the designs, but the different elements pertaining to those designs that change as well. For instance, formal and conventional style window treatments suit a classic design, but a casual and informal style is best for modern designs. The trick here is to choose fixtures that complement the design.

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