B-52 Fertilizer Booster For Hydroponic Gardening


Give plants the best environment, and feed them nutrients especially designed for hydroponics. B vitamins make plants stronger, safer and more productive. B Vitamins Improve Plants and Yields.

Many B vitamin benefits for plants, including:
Folic Acid helps plants maintain healthy metabolism and DNA.
Vitamin B5 is essential for fundamental cellular processes.
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) helps plants use and create carbohydrates so plants have enough energy to build strong vegetative growth and to power production of flowers and essential oils.

B vitamins are absolutely essential- without them, plants die. When plants are stressed (which is when they most need B vitamins), thats when they are least able to make their own vitamins.

In fact, there are several times in plants life cycle that B vitamins are particularly useful:
When plants are seedlings, new clones, transplants, or in peak flowering
During C02 augmentation
When plants are under any kind of unusual stress, such as seed production, extreme temperatures, pest attack, or disease conditions.

B-52 formula is an ideal platform for vitamin-rich components that double as yield-boosting substances.

B-52 formula contains kelp and seaweed extracts. These extracts contain a variety of compounds, including auxins that increase cell replication and stimulate roots and stems.

B-52 Formula Includes Plant Nutrition for Higher Yields.
When using B-52 formula, its convenient to feed its important vitamins and stimulators directly into leaves or roots. This root feed/foliar convenience makes the healing, stimulating and protective effects of B vitamins to immediately and completely available to plants.

B-52 formula from Advanced Nutrients works well in all types of growing systems and root zone material, including aeroponics,
rock wool, soil, coco coir, hydro ton, ebb and flow, and all the other hydroponics gardening methods.

B-52 fertilizer booster Vitamins to Improve plants and yields.

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